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Оцени Свою Жизнь

Evaluate Your Life Day

The time comes in every life where we have to take an accounting, a reckoning of the things we’ve done, the progress we’ve made, and the path we’re on. During that evaluation we may find that we don’t like where we are, and want to make changes to move forward with our goals. Maybe you’ll find that you’re making the progress you wanted to, and everything is moving along smoothly, most likely it’ll wind up somewhere in between. Whatever the case, Evaluate your Life day is a great opportunity to figure out where you are on your path.

We have prepared a few words on this topic  #Evaluate_Your_Life_Day

?  Evaluate [ɪ'væljueɪt]- оценивать
?  Accounting [ə'kauntɪŋ]-расчет
?  Path [pɑːθ] -путь; дорога; линия поведения; образ действий
?  Forward ['fɔːwəd]- вперёд 
?  Smoothly|ˈsmuːðli|- плавно, гладко, ровно