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День Памяти Элвиса

Elvis Memorial Day

Elvis Memorial Day commemorates the anniversary of the death of the King of Rock 'n Roll. 
Before the death of Elvis, which set August 16, 1977, was sold 500 million of his records, and seven years later this figure has doubled – anybody could do like this. 
He starred in 33 films, receiving at least one million dollars. In the 1973 the TV show with his participation gathered billion people by screens - so many viewers could not get even the first human landing on the moon.

We have prepared a few words on this topic #Elvis_Memorial_Day

? Anniversary[ˌænɪ'vɜːs(ə)rɪ]- годовщина; юбилей
? Receiving[rɪ'siːvɪŋ]- получение, приобретение
? Screen[skriːn]- экран
? Star[stɑː]-играть главные роли.
? Viewers['vjuːə]- зритель